“I was pretty skeptical about hypnotherapy in general but had an open mind about it. I’ve been seeing Judith for a few months now seeking help for general anxiety. She is amazing! She listens to what’s on your mind and works with you to overcome your fears. Her professionalism and judgement-free environment is very welcoming.“

“I suffered from anxiety and panic disorder for years until I met with Judith. In my first appointment I felt instant relief and like my life could finally be peaceful. We’ve worked on several areas of my anxiety such as school and social life. My life has already changed for the better. I leave her office with a smile and would strongly recommend her to anyone who needs peace in their life. You can’t go wrong here.”

"Working with Judith has been a peaceful and transformational experience for me.  Judith has the unique ability to gently lead you to your own answers. She supports growth and healing as she offers pearls of wisdom. I have learned so much in the time I have worked with Judith and I am looking forward to continuing the journey!"

"Judith has an unobtrusive way of finding the area of growth that I need. Her hypnotherapy skills combine naturally with her life coaching approach. Judith has guided me through many breakthroughs and she has made a major difference in my life."

 "As a first time experiencer of hypnosis I cannot be happier with the results. Since a young child and now 63 years old I have had a lifelong habit of constantly chewing on the inside of my lips and cheeks. Throughout the years I have tried everything to break this habit myself without success. I had one session with Judith and to my absolute amazement and extreme pleasure I have stopped this annoying habit.  I wake up every day and I am still free of this habit. Thank you so much Judith for your professionalism and ability to work with me to break this lifelong bad habit to make me feel so much better."

 "I am so glad that I found Judith. I have tried more traditional forms of therapy in the past and I did not respond well to them. However, immediately upon even speaking with Judith on the phone I was relaxed and felt how much she cared. She has reminded me that I have control of my mind and that has helped greatly to keep me more calm and positive. I have been struggling with life-changing pain, and Judith really helped me see how I can be at peace with it and go back to living a more normal life. I am so much more optimistic for the future in terms of my chronic pain, and I can't believe how much my view of life has changed just from even a couple sessions. I now find myself much more positive and calm than others when life gets stressful. I can finally only focus on the amazing things in my life, and I am so happy! Her techniques last a lifetime, especially because I can adopt some of them to use myself at home. Thank you, Judith!"

 "I did not know what to expect when I decided to come face-to-face with an event that had happened to me six years ago. I had repressed it for so long that I had extreme anxiety and guilt when it resurfaced. I decided I needed guidance to help me work through this issue. I went to Judith with an open mind wanting to heal and make peace with the past. She not only helped me gently forgive but she helped me wash away what had happened and defused the event. It no longer held any power after I left two sessions with her. I feel like a weight has shifted off of my shoulders and I am able to completely move on with my life with no guilt or shame for what happened to be in the past. I feel whole. I am extremely thankful that I found Judith."

 "I initially came to Judith seeking help for a phobia that I have had for years. I was shocked that after one session, my anxiety lessened significantly and I was able to face my fear directly.  Since that first session, I have returned many times.  Judith’s office has become a welcoming and judgement-free haven for me.  I always leave feeling lighter, peaceful, and more self-assured.  Judith’s wisdom and kindness has been invaluable.  Forever grateful for the clarity and guidance she offers." 

 "Very skeptically I went for my first appointment with Judith.  Her patience, kindness and professionalism won me over. She resolved an issue I had at our first visit.  I continue to see her for her invaluable wisdom."

 "I very highly recommend Beaches Hypnotherapy. Not only is the office beautiful and relaxing, but Judith’s unique background brings a wonderful take on hypnosis that you cannot find anywhere else. Judith is kind hearted and passionate, which makes it easy to open up to her. I often found that she knew exactly what I needed before I even spoke. She has helped me resolve several issues that have been plaguing me for years, and has brought me a great sense of relief and healing. She has truly touched my heart and I feel blessed to have met her."

"Prior to seeing Judith the first time I was a little bit skeptical about the whole thing. It took her two minutes to put me at ease because of her innate ability to connect with me in a way that invited honesty. While in the therapeutic process we were able to get at the cause on my difficulties, the root, and then she showed me and guided me into the solution. A lot of the things I needed help with I was able to leave there. It was no longer necessary for me to carry them around. I am so very grateful to have been able to work with Judith and am in her debt. As a person, she is one of those rare people who never have to convince you that they care, just know she does. You can feel it. The best way to describe the whole experience, in a word, "special". 

 "I have been working with Judith on a regular basis for over a year now for a number of different reasons including insomnia, social anxiety, and stress related to divorce. She has used many different techniques with me and each one has worked successfully. She creates a very safe environment in which to explore the things that keep you from being your very best self. Her voice is very calming and soothing allowing me to slip effortlessly into the hypnotic state and work on those things that come up. I can honestly say I am a happier, and more confident person because of her help."