In our culture, we are actually bombarded with hypnotic programming every day, in the form of frightening news reporting or advertising designed to make us feel less so we will buy more. I think it’s helpful to reverse that trend by consciously reaching for positive and supportive “programming.” Here are just a few of my favorites that many of my clients have also found helpful in seeking positive life change. I make no specific claims for them other than that, nor do I receive any remuneration from authors, publishers or filmmakers.


You Can Heal Your Life
by Louise Hay
This book or really anything by Louise Hay, a wonderful spiritual teacher, as she is always inspiring and supportive.

The Untethered Soul
by Michael Singer
Another international best seller, and with good reason. Singer offers an eye-opening yogic perspective on how to release the critical inner voice in your head, or what he calls “your crazy inner roommate who never shuts up.”

Elegant Choices, Healing Choices: Finding Grace & Wholeness in Everything We Choose
by Marsha Sinetar
The title says it all, but so does this review on the back of the book: “…how to stay healthy – body, mind and spirit.” Sinetar also wrote the famous book “Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow.”

You Are the Placebo
by Dr. Joe Dispenza
A book full of practical tools to use your mind to promote your optimal body health and success, beginning with Dr. Joe’s personal journey of self-healing.


Breathing: the Master Key to Self-Healing
By Andrew Weil, M.D.
This recording is from integrative medicine expert Andrew Weil, M.D. who turned to Eastern traditions, including yoga, for simple breathing exercises which can increase energy and lower blood pressure and anxiety levels. The 4-7-8 sequence is my all-purpose favorite, which I share with most of my clients.

Sound Body, Sound Mind: Music for Healing with Andrew Weil, M.D.
Beginning with a meditation from Dr. Weil, this disc presents an hour of symphonic sounds guided by the principles of “psychoacoustics,” a scientific field exploring the effects of sound on consciousness. Beautiful, calming and soothing sounds.


“The Shift"
World-renowned author Wayne Dyer plays himself in this well-done film, inspired by his book of the same name, about finding the right path in life. Great production, and some familiar faces like Portia de Rossi.

“You Can Heal Your Life”
Based on her book (see above), this documentary weaves a story of self-empowerment through interviews with teachers like Louise Hay, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Wayne Dyer and many others. Uplifting, and with a lovely piano-based score by multi-platinum artist Jim Brickman.